MCIT 2021 Winter Hackathon Master Guide


MCIT’s 2021 Winter Hackathon is finally here!

CIT59x is so happy to start the 2021 Spring semester with this event and get it going for our competitors. Below you will find all of the information, many resources, and the schedule for the hackathon. Please refer to this guide if you have any questions. If there is anything missing, reach out to Jérémie at

If you would like to know why we’re hosting the hackathon and what it means to our community, please check out our blog post here.

Devpost Site - We use Devpost to host the hackathon and judging. Projects submissions will be held there.
If you are competing in the hackathon make sure you are registered on Devpost!
Ideas Post
Project Proposal README - Competitors, you will be committing this README to the GitHub repository of your project.
Presentation Example - Thank you to Brian Perriello, a competitor from last year, for recording this presentation example.
Submitting your video to devpost


Links are included for each event. All events are EST time
The workshops, kick-off, and panel will be hosted with Zoom. These are recorded and will be published afterwards. Social events will be held in and are open to all interested parties.
Tue Jan 12, 6-7PM: GitHub Workshop & Kick-off - Join Ruthie Fields as she introduces GitHub and the foundations of hosting a project with Git. The kick-off will start at 6:45PM EST in the same Zoom call.
Ruthie’s GitHub Workshop: Slides | PDF | Video
Kick-off Presentation: Slides | Video

Tue Jan 12, 7PM: Social with Alum & Second-years & Arvind - Directly following the GitHub workshop and kick-off, we will host a social event for students, alumni, sponsors, and anyone else that wants to join. All are welcome.
Thu Jan 14, 5-6PM: Elective/Extracurricular Pop-Lectures - To give MCIT-ers exposure to elective/extracurricular content and to reinforce their own learning (à la Feynman), the following presenters will present the following “mini lectures”
Pop Lectures: Video

Sat Jan 16, 1-2PM: Alum Career Panel - Join us as we hear from four alumni regarding their paths through MCIT into their current positions.
Career Panel: Video

Sat Jan 16, 2-3PM: Resume Review & Mock Interview Session - Following the career panel, students will have the opportunity to work with alumni and each other to gain valuable recruiting skills and improve their resumes.
Sun Jan 17, 6pm: Submissions Due (DevPost Code + Demo Recording) - Submissions are due for the competing teams.
Sun Jan 24, 2-3PM: Social with Winning Team Announcements - Judges will announce the winners of the superlative of the hackathon in our social event to start the new year.

Prizes and Sponsors

We want to thank our sponsors for allowing us to give our students extended learning. Thank you to Guru for enabling us to give each participant a Udemy course for free. Thank you to EchoAR for providing a platform for competitors to create augmented reality projects.

Guru Logo EchoAR Logo


This event could not have been possible without the help of the many volunteers.
To my management team: Becky Sassower, Logan Ayliffe, and Vanessa Lam.
To our hackathon planning and organization team: Lanjun (Alex) Qi, Jintong Wu, David Binstock, Philipp Gaissert, and Dana Yang.
To our judges: Theresa Breiner (‘16), Sandor Aguilar (‘18), Tierra Sharae (‘20), Shruti Sinha (‘20)
To our workshop hosts and panelists: Ruthie Fields (‘20), David Yastremsky, Alicia Teo (‘19), Eva Herzog (‘18), and Sharadha Srinivasan (‘18).

Thank you so much for your help.

To our competitors, good luck in the hackathon. Do your best to challenge yourself and learn something new.