MCIT 2021 Winter Hackathon


Hello and welcome to MCIT’s 2nd (hopefully) Annual hackathon!

Our team is working hard to make this hackathon the best it can be. Below you’ll find details regarding the hackathon and what it means to the MCIT community.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jérémie Allard at

General Information:

Dates: January 13 – 17, 2021 (Wednesday – Sunday)
Ideas can be generated before January 13, but no coding!
Team Size: 2-5 (though we recommend 2-3)


We do not enforce a specific theme because of the nature of the program and hackathon. We do require a proposal to be submitted by the end of the first night (January 13) of the hackathon, flexible of time zones. We will also suggest projects (that will be useful to the MCIT community) and provide ideas to help brainstorm.


Teams will be required to submit a video presentation presenting their project. This presentation should include an overview of the project’s stack, purpose of the project, major challenges, and a demo of the software running. No need to be fancy, as long as you describe your process. We’ll send out more information regarding what to include.


We are currently in the fundraising phase of planning. We hope to supply prizes to contestants and winners.

If you know a company that would like to sponsor us, or are a company that wants to sponsor us, please contact Jérémie Allard at Thank you for your investment in our education.


While we are still finalizing details for the hackathon, we can share that projects will be judged by alumni and there will also be a community vote. Teams will be judged on multiple categories including creativity and complexity.

Optional Workshops

We will be hosting optional workshops during the course of the hackathon. These are not set in stone, but potential topics include the following:

  • Using Git(Hub) and How to Submit Your README Proposal
  • Alumni Panel With Common MCIT Career Paths
  • Marketing Yourself to Recruiters as an MCIT Student

If you are an MCIT student or alum interested in hosting a workshop, please reach out to Becky Sassower at

Hackathon Background

Our inaugural MCIT hackathon in January 2020 created opportunities for MCIT students to compete against each other and create a project to present to recruiters. Changing industries or trying to get into tech without a tech background is difficult. Recruiters often want to see projects on students’ resumes. Hosting the hackathon after students complete their first semester allows them to apply the lessons they learned in their computer science courses.

During the pandemic, we need to connect with our classmates. In teams of 2-5, students will build a program that will test their skills as programmers. If students do not have teams, we offer a matching system so that they can meet their classmates. Projects should challenge the teams and offer new lessons in planning, software development, and working in teams. We recommend learning a new language over winter break and testing your skills in this environment!

To our future competitors, we want for you to have fun with this! Make the most out of it and build something that you’ll be proud of. MCIT won’t teach you everything about coding; it gives you the framework to be a great coder, learn new languages, and solve the problems of tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what you’re going to make.

I want to thank my team for the work they’re putting into this hackathon. Thank you Becky Sassower, Logan Ayliffe, Vanessa Lam, Lanjun (Alex) Qi, Jintong Wu, David Binstock, Philipp Gaissert, and Dana Yang.

Enjoy this slideshow of the pictures we took from last year’s hackathon.